With years spent years keeping leaders of a FTSE 100 company in the know, I now offer my services to you.

My focus is on improving profits by delivering timely, actionable news information, competitive intelligence, market trends and insights.  The goal is to enhance decision making across your organization, improve short and long term strategic planning, product development and launches, market sizing and opportunity analysis.

I get great satisfaction finding nuggets of information that will help you increase profits or avoid loss.

Experience in numerous roles including business owner, general manager, marketing professional and numerous functions across the organization makes me uniquely qualified to understand what is meaningful and actionable to internal customers at every level and function.

Whether the CEO, executive management, sales management, product specialists, production management, distribution, IT, or legal, better, more informed decisions increase your bottom line.

In his prior position Tom’s responsibility was to make sure that internal customers, from the CEO down, were informed about competitors, products, the industry and the world at large (economic, social, technological, public policy trends, etc.) to enable them to make the best long term and short term business decisions possible.

News and intelligence sources included;

  • Public sources,
  • Subscription services,
  • Proprietary research,
  • Industry contacts and analysts,
  • Field intelligence from employees on the front lines.

Tom collected and disseminated news and intelligence through simple email requiring no special tools, and using specialized CI (competitive intelligence) tools that enabled coverage of more products and serving more internal customers with specialized information.

The key was not only in collecting information, but in reducing noise while highlighting the most important items.


Tom Levien is the consultant/owner of Tom Levien Consulting

He has 36+ years experience in advertising, publishing and digital marketing.

  • In his last positions as Global Market & Competitive Intelligence Manager and Senior Manager of Strategic Projects and Competitive Intelligence for hibu (formerly Yellowbook) his primary responsibility was to deliver world class market & competitor intelligence to support business units, geographic territories, and corporate functions focused on increasing revenue across key markets.
    • Established the company’s first central source of market & competitive intelligence
    • Automated the collection & dissemination of market & competitive information, allowing for expanded coverage and benefiting more groups within the company, at no incremental cost.
    • Established systems for monitoring social media and communicating to key management
    • Key roles in acquisition and assimilation of 70 acquisitions in a 15 year period between 1995 and 2010, including participation in due diligence process
    • Developed and implemented communications strategy to ensure key stakeholders have visibility to actionable analyses, intelligence and insight for fact-based decision making
    • Built and developed relationships with the US team to  provide insights and research to enhance team’s ability to launch & sell company solutions, stimulate sharing of field intelligence from individual markets then draw conclusions and identify common market-wide trends for shared learning and development of best practices
  • Prior to that he was Assistant General Manager, New Jersey for Yellowbook where responsibilities ran the gamut from market expansions and acquisitions to distribution to sales collateral.
  • Before that Tom was President/Owner of Yellow Book of Pennsylvania from 1988, Assistant Vice President of MLM Florida Yellow Pages Co, a division of Multi-local Media Corp from 1987-1988, Senior Manager for Multi-Local Media Corp from 1986-1988, and Group Manager for Yellowbook from 1980-1986

More recently Tom has done consulting for select clients since 2014, including Market & competitor intelligence and news monitoring, and market sizing and research

Areas of expertise:

  • Market / Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Business Development, Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Communications
  • KPI Development & Reporting
  • Presentations & Newsletters
  • Digital, Online & Internet Advertising

Additional Experience

  • Strategic pricing
  • National sales & Co-op advertising
  • Sales training & management
  • Sales planning & compensation
  • Field and Telephone Sales
  • Customer service
  • Collections

Computer Skills & Technical Experience

  • Mapping and geographic analysis
  • MapInfo Professional: Application to help gain insights into markets and share information-rich maps and graphs to improve strategic decision-making.
  • Knowledge management & competitive intelligence software systems
  • GIA Intelligence Plaza, Comintelli Knowledge XChanger: (SaaS browser based services to assist in the collection & dissemination of content from multiple sources)
  • Basic desktop software including Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access), Adobe Acrobat, etc
  • Familiar with website design tools including WordPress, Microsoft FrontPage and Dreamweaver
  • Google AdWords certified

Tom received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Georgetown University


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