Knowledge Portal design, implementation and management

Is a Knowledge Portal right for your organization?

Do you have:

  • A large number of competitors or products?
  • Groups of internal customers who need to receive different information?
  • A need to share proprietary research and information easily across the organization?

A knowledge portal can:

  • Leverage the information you have by getting to the right people in your organization
  • Automate collection and dissemination of market and competitive information, customized for each functional area.

I can assist with

  • Vendor selection & ongoing relationship management
  • System customization, taxonomy, content & interface customization & design
  • User induction and continuous training & promotion


In the past I’ve installed systems from Comintelli and m-brain but am also familiar with those by Digimind, Cypher Systems and others.  Your specific requirements may recommend one over another.

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