Dan Perti, Senior Business Development Manager at Agera Energy

aaeaaqaaaaaaaakcaaaajdgwmdezognilte3yzgtndflys1inmvklwizowu4zwq0zjrlmaTom and I served together from 1998 through 2009 during the company’s stratospheric growth period from $125 mil. to nearly $2.0 billion in revenues. Tom brought a wealth of knowledge in the areas of entrepreneurship, business development, sales and marketing. I thoroughly enjoyed our partnership and viewed Tom as a sounding board that offered thoughtful advice on business strategies, and the highly competitive landscape of our space. Tom’s work is exemplary. He always exceeded expectations and time lines on shared projects. Mr. Levien is a tremendous asset and is appreciated and well liked by all. Thank you Tom for your collaborative approach- I learned a lot from you!

Author: Tom

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